We are an online social network for all United States Active Duty Military & Veterans

We are a social network for all United States Active Duty Military members and Military Veterans

As creators and operators of ForThoseWhoServe.org, we are proud Military Veterans ourselves

No manipulative Advertising
No Shadow Banning

Created, Owned, and Admined by Military Veterans

Bottom line is that you can say things here that none of the “big box” social media sites will allow you to, because they don’t understand us.

We are very small now but will grow fast.


About Registration: The information that you put in here is only for SITE security purposes. So if you want other people, such as actual friends or your brothers-in-arms in real life, to find you, then you’re going to want to use your real information, or at least your actual name. However if you want to remain anonymous, then you can use information that is not real, including birthday. Again, we, the Admin of the site, will only need the information that you put in those fields to use as checks for your account for your security on the site itself, and that’s it.

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