Would you pay $0.12 a day for the freedom that you fought and sacrificed for? – The online community open to all Active Duty Military, Military Veterans, as well as those in our proud civilian First Responders community.

As creators and operators of, we are proud Military Veterans ourselves. is a paid membership website.

READ THIS: Your membership pays for your online security from online trolls, shills, spammers and other destructive agents.

AND ESPECIALLY READ THIS: Your membership also pays for your online Independence from “Big Tech”, wannabe Leftist soy boy tech geeks, as well as the Corporate Media Machine and their Advertisers.

Besides, only Communists believe that everything in life is free.

Check out this article on why smaller market, non-corporate, paid subscription Social Media sites are the future: Why you should be paying for the use of the service of a non-corporate Social Media

Membership Levels are as follows:

Monthly Membership Dues: $9.99 for first monthly payment, then $6.99/mo after (That’s only $0.33/day for the first month then $0.23/day after)

3 Month Membership Duess: $19.99 for first 3 month payment, then $15.99 for every 3 months after (That’s only $0.22/day for the first 3 months, then $0.17/day after)

6 Month Membership Duess: $29.99 for first 6 months payment, then $21.99 for every 6 months after (That’s only $0.16/day for the first 6 months, $0.12/day after)

Thank you for your great service to our country, and your eternal sacrifices to keep it Free.

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